Cadillac News of The Week

Want to go boutiquing for your next Cadillac? Brand CEO Johan de Nysschen has plans to make that a reality.

At present, Cadillac has over 900 dealerships in the United States, 200 of which are flagships. De Nysschen’s plan would be to complement the flagship dealers with 700 smaller boutiques that would feature “exclusive Cadillac consumer touch points, highly trained sales and service staff and luxury amenities.”

Some of these new techniques include using aluminum spot and laser welding to ensure seamless joining of exterior panels. Aluminum arc welding and structural adhesive will also be used for the CT6 body in an effort to make it more durable, stiffer, and safer. Cadillac says these techniques will allow for the CT6 to meet the highest standards in vehicle build quality, while also helping improve fuel economy. All this new equipment comes after the company invested $300 million in the…
Cadillac has reiterated its plans to introduce a small crossover which will be positioned below the mid-size SRX.

Speaking to reporters at the Washington Auto Show, Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen said they don’t have an exact launch date for the small crossover but he estimates it’s at least four years away so don’t expect it to hit dealerships before 2019. Details about the car are not available at this point but it will obviously cost less than the SRX which is priced at…

Cadillac Quirks

2014 Cadillac CTS Vsport

Courtesy of @GM Media

Since its founding in 1902, America’s second oldest car brand has served as the iconic symbol of luxury American motorcars. The company has worked hard to maintain that reputation, and taken on challengers from its domestic competitors as well as imports.

In its effort to continue to be relevant to the mass market (experts often opine that Cadillac can’t sell a car to anyone under 50) the brand is always introducing innovations, particularly in performance and technology, and as such, quirks unique to the innovation have been known to occur.

To appeal to the performance buyer, Cadillac created the “V Series,” with high performance engines paired with six speed manual or automatic transmissions. The V Series models also include top of the line brakes and enhanced suspensions, and are available as a coupe, or sedan.

Some unique oddities can be pointed at in the V series power plants, as “performance innovation” can also be interpreted as a “limited number in production,” and thus owners are more likely to be vocal about problems, whether real or perceived. Common reported repairs by V Series drivers include needing to replace the ignition coil; past recalls have included the possibility of a fire under the hood, dysfunctional sensors, and faulty “check engine” light illumination. Fortunately, there are easily accessible sources for all types of Cadillac parts, regardless of the model or year.

In the technology department, Cadillac offers the perk available on all GM models, the driver assist hardware and software called “OnStar.”
OnStar, a wholly owned subsidiary of GM, provides paid subscription services for drivers, including turn by turn navigation, in vehicle safety, hands free calling, and remote diagnostics. Stolen vehicle tracking includes being able to monitor the car’s mobility if in the hands of unauthorized users, and can also enable an ignition block; if the car is turned off, it won’t be able to be restarted.

Owner observations and gripes about OnStar are not unique compared to similar services, however prospective Cadillac purchasers may want to make note of them. Difficulties reported include outdated POIs on the nav system, poor turn-by-turn directions from the live operators, and difficulties in dealing with billing changes. While one would think their dealer sales person would be an advocate with OnStar on behalf of the customer, apparently the “wholly-owned” status inhibits that from happening.

CUE, or the “Cadillac User Experience,” is a technology product/service that was introduced across many models in the line over the past couple of model years. A comprehensive, intuitive system, the unit seamlessly connects you with an entire spectrum of information, communication and entertainment. Including a 3D navigation system, and access to a world of audio entertainment, CUE is the first system to completely index your entire library of digital audio content, no matter the source, including files on thumb drives and up to ten Bluetooth enabled devices. Naturally, it provides access to streaming services as well, like Pandora. As with any new technology, users report a plethora of problems, from difficulty of use to complete system failure. As a fully-integrated unit, ‘board level’ repairs are not possible, so if the system fails, it will have to be replaced, and will be an expensive out of warranty repair.

The performance, comfort, styling and innovation of Cadillac makes it still one of the best choices in the luxury market and in most comparisons in the segment, it’s a good choice. Still, prospective buyers should be aware of potential problems that may occur during the life of their ownership or lease.

Cadillac News of the Week

2016 cadillac ats-v

Detroit has been pumping out nothing but quality as of late, and Cadillac looks to keep the trend going strong. An official competitor to BMW’s iconic M3 (and now M4), meet the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V.

There was a time when comparing the M3 to any type of Cadillac was literally an apples to oranges conversation. These days, things have changed. Packed with a 3.6-liter V6 engine producing 455 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque, this thing means business. The power is transmitted…

Profitability in the automobiles market has been falling. The reasons for the shrinking bottom lines are manifold, but chief among them are as follows: Firstly, used car sales in the U.S., the second largest car market in the world, are on the rise. Since, these cars sell for low prices, automakers are being forced to offer discounts and incentives on new cars to remain competitive. A drop in average transaction price per vehicle sold reduces an auto company’s profitability. Secondly, in…

Beside the plethora of German models like the Audi RS4, Audi RS5, or the likes of Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and the Volkswagen Golf GTI, if we are starting to look past the traditional performance cars we’re starting to see lots of newcomers.

And some aspects of the high-performance car game have changed deeply, thanks to cars like the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V.

Competing with the German manufacturers has been tough for the American premium brands, but Cadillac has had some drawing…

Even after six years with no major changes, the CTS-V is surprisingly spry. Certainly, you never forget that it’s a heavy thing, weighing in anywhere between 4217 pounds for the manual-equipped coupe to 4424 for an automatic wagon, but with 0-60 times of about four seconds and the ability to hit about 150 mph on COTA’s back straight, the Vs remain an absolute hoot on the track. Sure, some of its details – the blocky front fascia shapes and the spoiler on the sedan and coupe models, for…

Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen has revealed some new details about their future product lineup.

In an interview with Car & Driver, de Nysschen confirmed plans to offer diesel engines around 2019. Details are limited but the magazine is reporting there will be four- and six-cylinder options which were designed specifically for Cadillac. The executive also revealed with can expect an expanded V-Series lineup which could include up to six models. de Nysschen was coy…

Cadillac may be making headlines with its sporty, BMW M3-fighting ATS-V, but the luxury end of the business still has a ways to go. The brand doesn’t currently have the prestige to sell a car for a quarter-million dollars, but it might soon. That’s what CEO Johan de Nysschen told Reuters at the 2014 Los Angeles auto show. “It is too early today for a $250,000 Cadillac,” he told reporters. “Fifteen years from now, it won’t be.”

Cadillac ceo
Since taking up the reins at Cadillac, long-time Audi exec and former boss of Infiniti Johan de Nysschen has been dropping plenty of hints about the American luxury brand’s future. Cadillac is in the midst of significant change, with the brand already announcing a new naming strategy plus a move of its headquarters to New York City. The next stage of the transformation will see some brand new product introduced, starting with a replacement for the SRX, the new CT6 range-topping sedan and…

This is a great story about Kids in Brooklyn that are trying to further their automotive education. I met most of these kids at the car show they held this summer.

automotive high school
Within the halls of Automotive High School in Brooklyn, NY there exists a dedicated group of students known as the “Pit Crew.” For the past two years these students have been meeting after school to work on a 1968 Chevy C10 Pickup. Once the restoration is complete this truck will be sold at auction, and the proceeds will be used as scholarships to help these students continue their education after high school.